Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bears 28 Packers 33; Triple Face Palm.

On the last play of the game, it is 4th down and 8 yards to go for a first down. The Packers decide to go for it because there is less than a minute left in the game. It is all or nothing now. Aaron Rogers rolls out of the pocket to avoid the pass rush. He rolls to the left and spies a totally wide open Randall Cobb and throws a 48 yard bomb to Cobb for the game winning touch down.

Where was the safety? He was 40 yards up field instead of back near the goal line to defend against the long bomb. It is a no brainier keeping one defender back near the goal line during the final seconds of the game. Doh!


  1. Agree!
    Also, Rodgers is only able to roll left because Julius Peppers clearly forgot that 'contain' is his number one job. If Peppers hadn't gone slashing directly down the line, and allowed Rodgers to escape the pocket to buy himself time, the blitz would have collapsed the pocket and ended the play.
    I weep for the days when the Bears actually had a Defense. I mean it's fun to see the Bears score so much, but for God's sake, can we please have an Offense AND a Defense in the same year, just once? PLEASE?

  2. Good points Glenn. I am afraid that we are doomed to be beaten by Aaron Rodgers overa and over and over again. I was telling people five weeks ago that if the Bears didn't take care of business and win the winnable games, that Rodgers was going to return for the last game of the season, against the Bears, and defeat them.

    GM Phil Emery showed us that he could fix the offense. Now let us hope that he can do the same for the defense next year.

  3. Here's hoping!
    The good news is that they fixed the Offensive line.
    I have a feeling that if the D wasn't wracked with key injuries that they might have been pretty exciting this year.


  4. I think in the last Packer drive, they went for it three times on 4th downs. Four maybe? I figured da' Bears would win.
    Condolences Bears fans,

  5. Think the lady in the background has something to say.. :o)

  6. Being a long time Packer fan here in Australia I was switching the game with my two sons feeling a sense of doom - jones maybe missing a catch, the excellent Lacy finally fumbling...something like that. Glad for the win.
    When you boys still have nightmares about 4th and 26 against the birds then give me a call...Freddie Mitchell anyone?

    Loving the blog and good luck in 2014.

  7. Wow, amazed! Someone from Australia remembering the 4th and 26!!! Most people in the US have already forgotten that! Long live the Pack in 2014!!!!!!

    Todd, from up in Wisconsin land