Friday, December 6, 2013

Knyphausen, Marion & Tarleton Castings Are Here

Fife & Drum Personalities (left to right): Knyphausen, Francis Marion, and Tarleton. Click to enlarge view.

I received a package of castings from Griffin Moulds today. Talk about fast service, it only took two days for the package to ship door to door. I'm impressed. The box contained a resupply of some of the Minden Miniatures figures, so if you have any items on back order, I will be shipping your figures within the next several days.

The most exciting part however, was the inclusion of the first of the Kickstarter AWI Dragoons figures, of which we have the three personality figures for Knyphausen, Francis Marion and Banastre Tarleton. The figures won't be available until all of the Kickstarter backers receive their rewards in January 2014. After that time, anyone can buy the figures. If you are one of our Kickstarter backers and you happen to place an order for additional or other AWI and SYW figures, I will add your personality reward figures with your purchase.

Another view of the same figures, with picture scaled closer to their actual size. Knyphausen and Tarleton sit on 2 of the 6 new horses added to the AWI range. We have 27 horses in the range as of today.
I can see some multiple uses for the Knyphausen figure: perhaps use him as Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick or the Duke of Bevern for your SYW armies. I will attempt to paint these three samples over the weekend so that you can get a better idea of how they look. Please forgive my poor attempts at black washing the figures for photographic purposes.  They do no justice to the actual figures, which to my eye, are quite stunning.

Richard informs me that he is nearly finished with the rest of the Kickstarter Dragoons and so I expect that I should have some pictures of the greens within the next several days. We are making good progress and it looks like we will be able to deliver the dragoons on time in January.

I have also had some equipment pieces cast up to sell as weapons packs: swords, carbines, muskets and drum castings. Richard also made the Prussian Garde du Corps vexillum flag so that I could have a proper flag for my own Minden Guard du Corps.


  1. Yes, and they offer all kinds of interesting possibilities, especially the Herr von Knyphausen as you say.

    Best Regards,


  2. Weapon packs and other equipment (especially the vexillum flag !!!)
    are more than welcome :-)

    Is it also possible to have separate hats in the future ? That would be great for conversions and scenery