Monday, November 25, 2013

IR15/II Second Battalion of the Leib Guard - Minden Prussians

2nd Battalion of the Guard - IR15/II with Minden Miniatures
I seem to be on a painting roll of late as I get ready for our next SYW game on December 14, 2013. We are going to use the Batailles de l'Ancien Regime ("BAR") rules using a figure ratio of 20 to 1. This translates into infantry battalions of approximately 30 figures and cavalry regiments of 24 to 32 figures.

The incentive of an upcoming game seeems to have my brushes flying at full speed: last week I completed the 2nd battalion of the von Diericke Fusiliers (IR49) and this week finds me completing the 2nd Battalion of the Leib Guard (designated as "IR15/II). The second battalion of the Guard all wore tricorn hats (save for its grenadier company - silver front plates and red mitre bags) and the third battalion all wore grenadier mitres (silver front plate with yellow mitre bag). Regardless of what head gear they wore, all three battalions of the Leib Guard were considered to be grenadiers. 

The first battalion was largely a ceremonial unit, having only fought at the Battle of Kolin in 1757. It remained in Potsdam for the remainder of the war and it had a rather ornate, gaudy uniform with tons of silver metallic lace. One of these days I might commission Richard Ansell to make the first battalion of the Guard.

A close up view of the 2nd Battalion of the Lieb Guard.

Minden Miniatures does not yet have a specific "Guard" figure in the range, however, the figures with the large Swedish style cuffs are perfectly suitable for the job. Really the only thing that is missing, that would make them Guard uniforms, is the aigulette (shoulder knot) on the right shoulder. I found that I could render a suitable substitute by "converting with paint", i.e. painting the aigulette onto the figure.

Another view of the Guard down at eye level. Click all pix to enlarge the view.
Next on the painting docket: the third battalion of the Leib Guard. I will use the Minden grenadier figure with Swedish cuffs and do the same aigulette conversion. I should have enough time to get the third battalion done in time for the December 14th game.

Why are you painting guards, you might ask. Because it is my own Prussian army and I like the way that the Guards look, and I can paint whatever I please for my own army.  It is my hobby, my diversion from the hectic pace of Life and it brings me enjoyment and happiness to paint the Prussian units that I want in my wargame army. Isn't that reason enough?



  1. Great work Fritz! Very much looking forward to that Minden edition of I./IR15...

  2. Mein Alte Fritz,
    Cngratualtions on an excellently painted battalion of grenadiers. May they strike fear into the accursed Austrians and Russians!
    You mentioned that this is your hobby and you wanted "the enjoyment and happiness to paint the Prussian units I want in my wargame arm." yes, that should be more than enough. As one of my best friends once said, "Damn it...they're your figures. Paint what you want!"
    And so I do.
    gerardus Magnus
    Archbishop Emeritus

    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

  3. Salut!

    You are so busy with painting, absolutely great!

    Jim, you want more to realise the parade uniform for the first batallion or the interim-uniform (for normal/campaign service)?

    The uniform for common service was even less 'splendid' than for the 2nd or 3rd. But for battle of Kolin the right one :)

    I am really nosy about your plans!

  4. I'm thinking that the parade uniform would be the way to go, even though it was not worn in battle. However, it would be spectacular .

  5. Great stuff. Can't wait to see Btn 3.

  6. Lovely battaltion with super flags
    -- Allan