Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Minden Goodness

Prussian hussar trooper in busby - the latest release of figures from Minden Miniatures. Figures sculpted by Richard Ansell (bless him) and photo by Frank Hammond (bless him too).

It always makes my day when I happen to click on the Elector vs Empire blog and peruse the list of blogs, seeing that there is something new on Frank Hammond's Minden Miniatures blog. And so to my great surprise, I visited the blog and discovered Frank's announcement that he was adding Prussian hussars wearing busbies to his wonderful range of SYW figures.

Please click on the link below to see more pictures and read about the new hussar releases from Minden:

Frank reports that he also has dismounted hussars in mirlitons and busbies for the Prussians that are getting ready for mould-making so that he can put them into production. My recollection is that the range will include horse holders, horses with saddles and horse furnitures (but no riders) and various skirmishing hussars. I am already mentally creating scenarios for these figures and I have no doubt that they will be real beauties.

Now, the only question that remains for me is "how many hussars should I buy?" Should I go with 30, 32 or 40 man regiments? And should I paint them as the Green Hussars (HR1) or the Ziethen Hussars (HR2 - blue). So many choices to make, but it is a nice problem to have.


  1. Why limit yourself to one unit. And, yes, these hussars are wonderful . . . as I posted on his blog, they are the first I've seen where the busby doesn't look oversized.

    Get a bunch of them, sir. You know you want to.

  2. Yes, to all of Jeff's previous remarks. A resounding yes.

    Best Regards,


  3. You've got to be kidding. That thing is really like a foot tall, isn't it?

    Kidding aside, that is a spectacular figure. As fine a piece of work as I've ever seen in the miniature line. It's a work of art.

  4. Why limit myself to one unit? It is a matter of table space and how many units of infantry and cavalry I can put on the table and still have some maneuvering room.

    Originally, I was going to have 12 battalions of infantry on my 6 x 12ft table, but after setting them up, it appeared that 8 battalions plus one light unit would cover most of the table. I may later add 4 more line or grenadier battalions after I complete the basic combat arms for both armies.

    Four cavalry regiments looks to be the optimal number of figures that I can use on my table. I could later add more and have off-table reinforcements, but if I have more than 4 cavalry regiments, then the extras will probably be cuirassiers or dragoons, rather than hussars. But then, you never know... I've been known to over do it when it comes to painting more units and building ever bigger armies. It has happened before.