Friday, November 26, 2010

AWI British Light Infantry

British Light Company man loading his musket. Front and rear views

I was going to wait a few more days before posting more pictures of Richard Ansell's greens for the British Light Company figures in skirmishing poses, but I know that a lot of my readers are chomping at the bit, as it were, to see more pictures. So I will tease you with a couple of pictures every other day until I run through the 8 poses that we have for the light company men.

Light infantry musician with horn - front view

Light infantry musician with horn - rear view. Note the difference in the metal canteen compared to the wooden "St. Bernard Flask" used by the Guards (see previous posting)

Richard kindly provided me with a picture that compares three different figures in the 28mm-30mm range so that you can see how the new AWI sculpts stand up to other ranges of figures.

Size does make a difference, or does it? Comparative figures depict a HaT Napoleonic figure, a Perry plastic dragoon (centre) and one of Richard Ansell's sculpts for our AWI range of figures. All three figures are of a comparable height, but it is the thickness or heft of the figure that makes each one distinctive from the other.

The left hand figure is one of the Hat plastics and the middle one is a Perry plastic for comparison. The castings from the green will be about 1mm shorter, losing about .5mm in the master mould and .5mm again in the production mould.

The cast figures will be about 30mm to the top of the head (not the hat!) or 28mm to the eye if you want to measure them like that. 30mm to the top of the head/28mm to the eye seems pretty much the norm nowadays, these just happen to be rather slimmer than average.


  1. These figures, like those in the previous batch you shared, are quite admirable. The figures are historically accurate in dress, and "humanly" accurate in terms of proportion and pose.

  2. Lovely stuff, Jim. Looking forward to the militia and the rest of the light infantry.