Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to Painting Minden Austrians

I have a stand of six Minden Austrian grenadiers that have been sitting on my painting table since July of this year. I completed them and finished their base with static grass, but I never got around to finishing the rest of the unit (24 figures). This evening, I finally pushed them back to the front of the painting que and it felt good to paint Minden figures again.

My plan for Austrian grenadiers is to paint two stands of six figures for every line battalion that I field. So a two battalion regiment of fusiliers will yield two stands of six figures of grenadiers. Two regiments will yield four stands or 24 figures. I am thinking that 24 figures will be my standard grenadier battalion for the Austrian army.

In theory, I could attach the grenadier stand to the rest of the battalion (five stands of six figures, or a 30 figure battalion) and have one large 36-figure Austrian battalion. Or, detach the grenadier stands and converge them with other grenadiers to create 24 or 36 figure grenadier battalions. I suspect that I will go with the smaller 24-figure battalion having 2 stands in one facing color and 2 stands in another facing color. I suppose that I could add a single stand of a third facing color to bring the battalion up to 30, which is the same strength as my Prussian grenadier battalions.

I should have a couple more stands of grenadiers completed by the end of this coming weekend.

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