Friday, April 16, 2010

Reviewing the Troops

Major General Hans von Winterfeldt reviews IR13 Itzenplitz regiment.

I finished the inking of the bases and the application of the static grass this evening on the Prussian general vignette and the regimental commander of IR13 von Itzenplitz. Click on the pictures to enlarge the view. I have decided that this will be Major General Hans von Winterfeldt and he will be one of my two infantry brigadiers in my small Minden Prussian army.

Winterfeldt as seen from the front angle.

This evening also saw me working on the artillery bricole vignette that I showed on my blog the other day. It took a fair amount of filing and bending of arms with pliers (covered in duct tape in order to protect the figures), but I was finally able to position two of the pioneers into a position where they look like they were designed to be lifting the trail of the gun with a wooden bar. A third pioneer is lifting at the end of the gun trail and two more are dragging the gun with ropes, that were made by twisting two strands of florists' wire together, to similate thick rope.

I am really jazzed to work on the artillery vignette over the weekend. I primed the figures this evening and I can start painting them tomorrow night. Hopefully I can complete them by Saturday and get the basing completed by Sunday evening (with piccies posted).

I keep looking at the fellow holding the general's reins and I see a drum major holding a large baton and leading a group of drummers down the road. I might add in some of the Eureka Saxon oboists to the group if they are similar in size, but not larger than, the Minden figures. My imagination is running wild on these vignettes. I will have to stop soon, for the second battalion of IR13 von Itzenplitz is primed and ready to paint. I would like to complete that battalion this month and then go crazy on some more vignettes that are percolating in my mind.


  1. Cheers uncle jim, those look gorgous I will admit. It's good to see yor having some fun and adding personality with your armies of recent.

  2. You never cease to amaze me! Fantastic work!!

  3. Very nice indeed. Those vignettes certainly add a lot of life to the table, don't they?

    Looking forward to the artillery vignette.

  4. Agreed, Jim. Fantastic work. What blues do you use for your base color and its highlight? They work really well together.

    Bes Regards, and Happy Vignetting,


  5. Excellent work!
    Looking forward to seeing the completed vigentte. They're fun to create and to see. :)

  6. Stokes: I use some paint from Michael's Store, a craft paint brand called "Plaid Paint" and the color is called "English Navy". I black prime and then paint English Navy as the base coat. Then I dry brush lightly with "True Blue" or "Royal Blue" from IWM, but any true blue should work just as well. It is close to the color of blue in Fitz-Badger's avatar posted in this comment section.