Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fife & Drum Continentals

Front view of the four variants of Continental soldiers in marching poses.

Rear view of the Continentals, showing the variety of equipment (2 x tumplines on the left, 1x knapsack in the centre, and blanket roll on the right)

I have received some pictures of the new AWI Continental greens that Richard Ansell recently sculpted for my Fife & Drum Miniatures range of figures. There will be 12 new figures in all, but I thought that I would tantalize everyone with some pictures of the rank and file soldiers in the marching pose.

The other poses in this latest batch of greens include: marching officer/drummer/NCO/standard bearer; and standing firing and standing loading; and one at the ready position and a similar figure cocking his musket - barrel pointed down. All of the figures wear tricorn hats. The set will also include a standing horse and an officer and his ADC.

I will show more pictures over the next several days both here and on the Fife & Drum blog.


  1. very nice figures, and I particularly enjoy the more "realistic" head to body ratios. A full regiment of these will look amazing I am sure.

  2. Very nice. Any plans for a version in gaiter trousers or is just as we see various stocking/breeches and the straight leg overall trouser?

  3. Very nice indeed. The angled leg poses and variants make these look even more attractive than Mindens. They should look stunning on the field.

  4. Please stop trying to tempt me into another period. I really don't need someone showing me pics of lovely figures and distracting me.