Monday, June 6, 2011

Golconda Figures & Minden SYW

I'm having problems with the iPhoto application on our new iMac. I downloaded the pictures and made adjustments to them, then sent them to the library, but now I can not find the modified pix. All I can find are the unmodified, which turned out cruddy since they are not modified. If anyone has any suggestions or advise on the new iPhotos then I'd appreciate your help.

At any rate, here are some crappy pix of the Golconda minitures that I painted over the weekend and a picture of some Minden Hungarians (too dark). It's not worth posting the other pix until I can figure out where they went on my computer. I am really sick about this, as the pictures were very nice.

By the way, I enjoyed painting the Golconda figures. My apologies for the bad piccies.


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