Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update in Hesse Seewald

I've been off-line for a couple of days now, as we bought a new Apple iMac for Mrs. Fritz and we had to leave the old computer at the Apple store so that they could migrate all of our files to the new computer. We just picked it up this afternoon and have just set it up a few minutes ago.

At any rate, you are probably wondering what is going on in Hesse Seewald these days, especially since yours truly had a long four day holiday weekend.

Well, for starters, I have been busy painting some Minden SYW Hungarian figures for the Josef Esterhazy Regiment. The first battalion is nearly completed and I hope to have some piccies up within a couple of days. It really pains me to be painting more units for the Austrian army, but in all fairness, I did need to build up the Austrian army. With the completion of this battalion, I will ahve 7 line battalions (of which 2 are converged grenadier battalions) and one battalion of Croats (plus 10 more Oguliner Croats in nifty blue coats). This compares to 8 battalions of Prussians, so the forces are nearly even at this stage.

Next on the docket: more Oguliner Croats for me and 24 Warasdiner Croats (white coats) for a painting commission. Then, it is on to some dismounted Austrian hussars for yet another commission. Somewhere down the road, I will need to paint a regiment (32 figures) of Austrian dragoons for my own army. Hmm, should I use red coats or blue coats? What do you think.


  1. I rather like the green dragoons...

  2. Alte Fritz,

    I was about to say that the green coats have always looked pretty sharp to me! The dark blue look good as well...


  3. I like the red ones from Roemer's charge at Mollwitz; but I was just thinking about the Croats with brown homespun too, which we never see in pictures but read about in Duffy.

  4. I forgot all about the green de Ligne dragoon regiment, known for their charge at Kolin.

    The brown coated Broder Croats are one of the units that I eventually plan to paint. I will have one red, one blue and one brown, backed up by some stands of grenadiers. I might try to make a Croat 1.5lb gun and crew too.

  5. I'd always been partial to the blue Austrian dragoons. If you want to stretch a bit, IIRC the Kollowrat dragoons had blue coats and yellow facings in the WAS.

  6. Why not the white coated Althann regiment?

  7. Blue coats for the dragoons perhaps ?

    -- Allan