Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've Got Croat Fever...

A finished unit of Carlstadter Croats - Minden Miniatures

Minden Miniatures Croats get prepared for priming and painting.

... and the only cure is: More Mindens!

I recently received a commission to paint some Minden Croats for one of my regular clients, I and have to say that I am really stoked to get going on this project. The unit will have 16 assorted figures based 4 per stand, in a random manner. Of course, I will embellish the bases with lots of terrain effects (rocks, logs trees, grass etc) to make them look like mini dioramas.

I have enough extra Minden Croats to paint two additional units of 16 figures. One shall be painted in red coats and the other in blue. The price for a unit, fully painted and terrained is $160.00. So if you want to buy one of these units, then send me an e-mail at These will go fast, so don't delay.

Last evening I walked the dogs early, while there was still daylight, so that I could hunt for small rocks and pebbles to use for terraining the bases. These will be terrained similar to the Croat unit that I painted for myself. You can find piccies in the blog archives.

Greek Ruins Turn Up In The Oddest Places

I found this little gem at Petco, when I was taking the dogs in for a bath. As usual, I made a point of perusing the offerings in the acquarium section and found this beauty for only $15.00. It would have easily cost twice as much had I bought a similar terrain piece from a wargame supplier of resin buildings. They also had two other Greek ruins available. I plan to use these in my Late Roman period games. Highly recommended, as Hal Thinglum would say!

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  1. Wrong scale or time period to fit my armies, but I have no doubt they will be completely splendid!

    Whomever the lucky owner is, post pictures first!