Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Suren British Artillery Crew

British SYW 6-pd battery with Suren figures on the left and Stadden figures on the right. Both guns are from Elite Miniatures.

March concluded with a roar of painting output as I finished the month with 117 Olley Painting Points (97 infantry & guns at 1 point each and 10 mounted figures which count for 2 points each). This follows on totals of 100 points in January and 115 points in February.

Monday night I finished off six Suren British artillery figures and another Elite 6-pounder in order to complete the two gun battery. I rather like the Suren artillery crew and in fact prefer them over the more formal looking Stadden crew. I used an RSM rammer and officer's sword and made the trail spike from a spare piece of wire that I had in my bits box. I should have also made a linstock out of wire with florists wire wrapped around the stick, but I forgot to do this.

The full battery supports the 1st Regiment of Guards.

The battery complements the Suren Guards rather nicely, as you can see in the picture above. I also finished 9 more Guards over the past couple of days and now have 25 figures painted - almost enough for two grand divisions (30 figures). I have to add some wire cravats to the flag poles before I can prime the figures, otherwise I would have had the standard bearers done too. I am using the GMB Designs flags for this unit.

A closer view of the augmented Guards battalion, now up to 25 figures. Suren figures painted by Der Alte Fritz.

A part of me would like to keep plugging away on the Suren Guards so that I could finish the unit in April, but we have a Jacobite Rebellion game coming up on May 9th and I need to add two more clans, 30 figures each, before then, so it is on to the Highlanders next. I may dodge in a few Surens here and there to take a break from all of that plaid paint.


  1. Thank you for posting those pictures. Quite apart from the fact that tey look very nice, I jave been wondering what rewmen to buy. I bought some 'Stadden' artillery crew and they were actually Hinton figures OK but not the same. Then I tried the AWI figs which are brilliant but larger and the wrong uniorm of course. I like the Suren figure I may well lash out a few quid and get some myself.

    I do like some standing/resting figures among the crew but also I am not happy just having them marching along. (hard to please!)
    The Suren look a good compromise.

  2. Superb stuff. Like 'Old School' but with quality painting, very nice.

  3. More lovely Suren figures! Very pleasingly and well executed. Both styles have their place but the Staddens don't seem right on the battlefield, do they? Looking forward to seeing your redcoat army develop.

  4. Hi Jim,

    What is the size of the Suren figures base to eye, please? How do they compare to RSM's?

    Best Regards,