Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jacobite Rebellion Update

Front Rank Jacobites painted by Der Alte Fritz, about a year ago.

Last evening I completed another 30-figure clan regiment of Highlanders to use in our upcoming game on May 9, 2009. They will probably become either the MacDonnell or McDonald regiment, depending on which flag I choose to paint. The Highlanders did not wear any distinct "clan plaid" in the 18th Century, so the figures can represent any clan that I desire to rise for the King Across the Water.

I haven't painted Highlanders in quite awhile (the colonials don't really count since they all wear the same uniform), so it took me a little bit to get back up to speed with my bottles of plaid paint. What, you mean you don't own any plaid paint? A week ago friday, I pitched into the first 20 Front Rank figures, put a few bagpipe CDs on the player for inspiration, and started slopping on the paint. By Saturday afternoon, it was apparent that I would have this batch done by the end of the weekend on Sunday night. That left 10 more figures to bring the regiment up to full strength, and two more painting sessions proved to be enough to complete the job.

Now I have a Lowland regiment on the painting table ready to paint. I figured that I have a decent chance of painting three 30 figure regiments this month, so I cleaned another Highlander regiment and mounted them on their metal bases. Tomorrow night I will spray them with black primer. They will become either the Keppoch regiment or the Ogilvys. That would bring the Rebellion up to 6 regiments plus the Black Watch standing in for Clan Cameron, temporarily. Eventually, I want to have 10 or 12 regiments plus the Irish Piquets in my Jacobite Army completed in time for next year's SYW Association convention in March 2009.


  1. Good to see our Jacobite chums moving forward- they look great by the way!
    I am interested to hear of the plans for the Convention next year.It will indeed be a spectacular sight...
    best wishes

  2. Jim, I look forward to seeing the new units on the 9th.

  3. Interesting that you appear to have used a similar technique to me for tartan - base colour with a highlighted weave.
    Excellent figures.

  4. Jim,

    You may or may not already be aware of this. I was going through my old issues of "Gorget & Sash" and they did an article specifically on Jacobite Standards with six illustrated (vol III, #2) and another article on the Jacobites with some unit information and another reference to standards (vol II, #4).

    If you don't already have these or have access to them, let me know and I can scan them and e-mail them to you. Let me know at

    Bill McHenry