Thursday, December 12, 2019

Russian Horse Grenadiers in Summer Waistcoats

Russian Horse Grenadiers in Waistcoats. The officers always wore their blue coats.
I finished painting a 12-figure squadron of the new Minden Russian Horse Grenadiers in Summer waistcoats. The regiment can be made using one pack of MRC-006 Horse Grenadier Command (officer, standard bearer and musician) and three packs of MRC-008 Horse Grenadiers in Waistcoats (3 per pack). If you are more interested in the rank and file wearing blue coats, then select MRC-007 Horse Grenadiers to fill out your unit.

The buff colored waistcoat with blue cuffs and collar is an attractive uniform and provides a nice contrast to the regular blue coats worn by the horse grenadiers and dragoons. During the Summer campaign season all of the cavalry shed their coats and fought wearing the sleeved waistcoat, even the cuirassiers.

The officers and musicians always wore their regular blue coats regardless of the season, I suppose to make them easier to see by the rank and file cavalrymen.

I ordered some 2-inch square bases from Litko and will have to wait until they arrive before I can attach the horse grenadiers to the bases, two horse per base, or a 1-inch frontage per horse.

So which regiment are these fellow? It doesn't matter, they can be any regiment because all horse grenadiers wore the same uniforms and there were no regimental distinctions.


  1. Superb effort as usual! The choice to use the Litko bases is an excellent one - his bases are my "go to" base choice for all my pieces. His 50 mm circular base is an excellent choice for a general and either a standard bearer or bugler.

  2. Nicely done.

    By the way, I found you as a Boy in the 18th century on a cover of a German book:

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