Wednesday, December 18, 2019

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Their song says it all - thanks to The Beatles for the Birthday Song

Yep, 67 years ago Der Jung Fritz was born in Cleveland, Ohio. A week later, on Christmas Eve, my parents brought me home from the hospital and placed me in a wicker basket under the Christmas tree. In those days, mothers and their babies stayed in hospitals for several days after birth. Today it's In and Out in a day or less.

My late Mom, bless her, always used to say that December 18th is often the coldest day of the year. I'm not sure whether that was just an observation or if it was fact, or something else...

Indeed, tomorrow the temperature high will be around 20F degrees and then rebound into the 40s for the next ten days after that. That is a pretty good birthday present, warmer than average weather, if you ask me.

Birthday greetings from The Beatles?
Other December 18th birthdays of note:

Kieth Richard
Brad Pitt
Christina Aguilara
Steven Spielberg
Archduke Franz Ferdinand

and, ahem, uh, err, Joseph Stalin

In other news, my daughter Lelia was diagnosed with a stress fracture in her right tibia and so she will be out of action for the 8 to 12 weeks that it takes to mend. The injury happened while she was at school - I won't say anymore than that. She will probably have to miss the Spring Semester of school and stay home to recover.

I am sure that somehow we will make lemonade out of lemons and hopefully set out on a good path to something else.


  1. Happy Birthday. May there be many more to come.

  2. Hope Lelia moves forward with her stress fracture and that it does not diminish Christmas too much for her.

  3. Congratulations and have a lovely day.I hope you get some Prussian goodness if there is such a thing.

  4. Many happy returns old chap! I hope that stress fracture makes a speedy recovery.

    All the best,


  5. Happy Birthday, Jim! Enjoy having your daughter at home with you. I find myself wishing we could keep Young Paul (10) young for just a bit longer. Kids grow up so (too) fast.

    Best Regards,


  6. Sorry to hear about your girl, always a wrench when a kiddo gets hurt. Happy birthday, though - enjoy it!

  7. Happy Birthday Jim!
    Best wishes for you and also Lelia.
    Bill P.

  8. Happy birthday, Jim! Many more! ... with painting!

  9. All the very best for your birthday, Jim - Many Happy Returns!

    Also I hope Lelia has a speedy recovery - plenty of Vitamin D & Calcium, fresh air & sunshine where possible. I would cheerfully send you some of ours if it were possible...we have a surfeit of it in Oz in most places at present.

    I hope you heard of Lelia's misfortune more directly than we did with my son when he injured his back in New Zealand snowboarding...I saw his post on Facebook... "It really stinks sitting in Accident & Emergency in Queenstown with a fractured spine!" �� It was followed by a post saying"Have you told your folks yet?" The joy of kids!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Cheers, Rohan.

  10. Best wishes to Lelia and happy birthday to you!

  11. Happy birthday Jim and a speedy recovery to Lelia. When my eldest daughter was about 7 I was told her to take her to the children's swing park etc. She fell over and started moaning and we just told her to buck up and stop malingering. A day or so later she was in a ballet show. All the other children were prancing about the stage with both arms above their heads while Hebe wandered about with one arm dangling. Eventually we took her to the doctors and he said she had broken her collar bone. Cue accusations from snotty daughter ever since of bad parenting, I told you so etc.


  12. Happy Birthday Jim. Hope you have a great day. All the best and Merry Xmas and a happy and healthy 2020. Won't see you at Kenilworth but hope it's a good event.

  13. Happy birthday Jim.
    All the best to you and to yours.

  14. Very many Happy Returns, albeit them belated.

  15. Finally worked out how to sign into blogger, simples doh!

    Thanks for the wonderful slice of history an excellent read.

    May all your birthday and Christmas presents be wargame related.

  16. Happy birthday Jim. Hope Leila is feeling much better very soon. Have a great Christmas.