Thursday, December 26, 2019

Boxing Day Recap

Christmas Day at the dinner table

We don't really celebrate Boxing Day in the United States, but I seem to be seeing the name being used more and more here. These are mostly Boxing Day sales, but I have heard the term used on several radio stations today.

The Serene Princess and I had a day out together, having lunch together and doing a little bit of Christmas... err, Boxing Day shopping. I picked up some Woodlands Scenics trees at Michael's Stores while Lelia purchased some art supplies to donate to the daycare center where she does volunteer work.

Christmas Day was a big success; we had 15 guests for dinner. They were mostly family, but we also invited some friends who didn't have anywhere to go to for the holiday celebration. I didn't get any wargame related presents (do I really need anything when I have a basement full of inventory?), but I did get some interesting history books.

Post Christmas debris after all of the packages were opened. Don't worry, we cleaned up everything.

First and foremost is "Vicksburg. Grant's Campaign That Broke The Confederacy " by Donald Miller. I tucked into the book last evening and expect to finish it off in a couple of days. After that I will read David McCullogh's "The Pioneers."

Today the post man delivered a box with some resin Sand Warms from Acheson Designs, a gift that I bought for myself. Hmmm, what can I do,with these?


  1. In the process of reading that Vicksburg book , very good , a campaign I knew nothing about really .

  2. Great figures and lovely sounding day. By the way I was lucky enough to get a copy of The Wargamers Annual for Christmas and enjoyed your kleine kreig article. Are the Croat Terror rules you used available?

    1. I'm going to be playing a game of Croat Terror tomorrow with Bill P. And Kieth L. I haven't played the rules in quite awhile so I want to see if they still "work" ok before distributing copies. Stay tuned.