Saturday, December 28, 2019

Croat Terror Skirmish Game Today

Dismounted Prussian Hussars spring the ambush trap!

This morning Bill P. and Kieth L. are visiting Schloss Seewald to play in a little skirmish game, set during the SYW, to play the Charles Grant "Ambush" scenario. The game will also allow me to play test my Croat Terro skirmish rules again. I haven't hosted a game with my rules for quite a number of years and Kieth L. in particular has a nose for sniffing out the loop holes in almost any rules set.

A band of Croats sets the ambush of a Prussian supply convoy.
The game will feature a Prussian supply convoy trying to reach the safety of a Prussian encampment somewhere down the road. Prussian hussars, jagers and freikorps troops escort the wagon train.

A task force of Croats and Austrian Grenadiers aim to stop the convoy from reaching its destination.

Austrian Grenadiers
I will post a game report later this evening. Stay tuned, you never know what is hiding out in the woods.


  1. I hope it goes really well and await a battle report with interest.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the battle report , are you thinking of making the rules public ?

  3. I wait with baited breath! (Actually I love the Austrian light troops!)

  4. The photos alone are looking amazing. Besides I love the small war and croats are the best troops for that.

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