Thursday, December 26, 2019

A Great Looking Vauban Fortress

I was scrolling through my Blogger "reading list" of other blogs that I follow and I stumbled upon this awesome Vauban Fortress in a game that the Alde Gard wargame  club in Belgium presented at the Crisis 2019 show in November 2019.

The display portrayed the Siege of Maastricht in 1748 and used 15mm figures to good effect. The club members built a portion of the Vauban defense network at one end of the table, complete with the main city wall and the outer works: revelins, bastions, glacis etc. I am really impressed by the modeling shown in this game.

So click on the link to,the Alde Gard blog to see the full panoply of pictures.

Alde Gard Vauban Model


  1. Really nice-looking terrain there. It looks like the various earthworks might have been made using wood moldings and then texturing before painting to resemble heaped earth.

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  2. Thanks for your kind words about our 1748 wargame which portrayed part of the defences of Maestricht. I just noticed you remarks. H-UvB: Almost the whole fortress was made of polysterene (carved, glued, sawed and painted although some parts were stiffened with balsa or other wood.

    As I liked your fieldbakery of some times back; when i saw a print by Dirk Langendijk I couldn't resist and als add my movable fieldbakery to our French (or beter Dutch) Revolutionary army. It is on ou blog; I hope you like it