Sunday, January 3, 2016

GNW Russian Musketeer Regiment

Wow, do I have a lot of things to report and post about on my blog. I will break the topics up into individual posts this week, so keep coming back for updates. Among the updates are some new painted Hungarian musketeers, new SYW Russians, some painted figures to post for sale, and of course a 2015 Year in Review report and a 2016 Preview of the Year.

The first item, an appetizer if you will, is a battalion of Great Northern War ("GNW") Russian musketeers, figures from Warfare Miniatures:

Warfare Miniatures GNW Russians (click pix to enlarge)
I use 32-figures in a battalion of infantry for my GNW Swedes and Russians mounted on bases that measure 60mm wide by 80mm deep. The extra depth helps to protect the extended bayonets of the charging poses and leveled pikes, because if they don't protrude over the edge of the base, they are less likely to break off during handling of the figure base. The same applies to leveled muskets in the firing pose.

I really enjoy painting the Warfare Miniatures GNW figures. They paint quickly and easily for me and the animation is really nice. It is as if each figure is a different figure. I also really like how the Russian armies of the GNW and SYW look with the predominant Green and Red coloring.

Warfare Miniatures will be adding a significant number of new figures to the GNW range in 2016 including Russian cavalry, artillery and grenadiers and Swedish cavalry, artillery and grenadiers. I can see that I have a lot of painting ahead of me.

Overhead view of the battalion.
I like to place at least one "command figure" on each stand and offset it a little bit to imply a third rank. When you place all of the bases together, then the effect of the third line becomes more clear, as shown in the picture below:

Rear view showing the officers, NCOs and drummers forming a  virtual third rank.

Side view illustrating the "third rank" effect achieved by the deep bases and offsetting the command figures.

SYW Russian Army Project Update
I have completed painting of three stands of musketeers using the Crann Tara Miniatures 'Savoy" infantry figures. The figures are completely compatible with Minden, Fife & Drum, RSM and Crann Tara figures. Since the Russian infantry had large cuffs and no lapels, the Savoy figures work just fine. The only change that I have to make is to paint a red collar onto each figure. Otherwise, the figures are perfect Russians "as is".

SYW Perm Regiment, work in progress (3 of 5 stands completed so far), using Crann Tara "Savoy" figures.

More to follow this week.


  1. Jim, your "side-view" photo really shows off your basing scheme to good effect. I like it!

    Beautiful Russians.

  2. Nice work Fritz. Have you had them on the table yet?

    1. I don't have enough forces yet to fight even a small battle: 3 Swedish btns and 1 Swedish cavalry vs. 1 Russian battalion. A little bit at a time though, and over the course of a year, I should have enough to stage a game.

  3. Splendid Russians, Alte Fritz. Beautifully painted and based.

  4. Loving your work on the GNW. I'm just embarking on this as a project and am getting my background knowledge sorted. Your posts have been perfect to get me started on my first regiments.
    Would you be kind enough to tell me which colours ( name and make) you are using for the green and red on the Russians. It looks suitably dark but also well highlighted to look right - if that makes sense.
    My compendium has been ordered so looking forward to that arriving sometime in the future.
    Regards and looking forward to further posts on the GNW.You are a great advert for warfare miniatures!!