Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My SYW Russian Brigade, So Far

SYW Russian Brigade, so far. Click or double click to enlarge the view.

This evening I completed the last six figures for my third battalion of Russian infantry for the Seven Years War. I used the new Savoy infantry figures that are part of the Crann Tara Miniatures figure range. A little bit of "conversion by painting" is used to make them Russians rather than Savoia figures. Click on the link below to visit the Crann Tara home page and shopping cart.

Crann Tara Miniatures

Crann Tara's Savoy musketeer figures doing stand in duty as Russian Musketeers.GMB Designs flags and Minden French officer. Click to enlarge.

Close up view of the newest Russian battalion to the brigade. Click to enlarge.

For terraining the bases, I used fine railroad ballast, medium brown in color, for the ground color. Then I dry brushed the ballast with Howard Hues Geo Hex Tan paint. Next, I added a few Winter Tufts and added some scorched grass static grass. Here and there I added a dark green or a brown Highland tuft to add some contrast to the stand.

Here are some closer views of the Russian artillery section that is part of the brigade. On the left is a 6-pounder and on the right is a Shuvalov Secret Howitzer. My understanding is that both pieces were commonly used as regimental or battalion guns with a regiment of infantry.

Fife & Drum Russian cannon and Russian artillery crew. Click to enlarge.

A closer view of the artillery, loading pose set on the left and firing pose set on the right.

The civilian set of figures carrying a wooden box are painted in Russian red and create a vignette  of men carrying ammunition to the cannons. Front Rank artillery wagon in the background, although Fife & Drum recently added Russian ammo wagons to the lineup. Minden French officer acting as a mounted Russian artillery officer.

So far, I have three battalions of infantry and some cannon in my SYW Russian army. The grenadiers are from RSM, the marching Russian musketeers are Minden French with turn backs, and the At the Ready posed figures are Crann Tara Savoy figures. The artillery crew are Minden/F&D recent additions in mid 2015. My plan is to add Russian infantry to the Minden range later this year, but I wanted to get a head start on my Russian army by recruiting other brands of figures that fit in well with the Minden sculpting style of Richard Ansell.



  1. My word that is an impressive force.

  2. Agreed! I especially like the artillery section and mounted officers.

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  3. Beautiful work and great photos - the civilians doubling as ammo boys is a really nice touch too.

  4. Great work as always and always a joy to see photos of your finished miniatures.