Thursday, January 7, 2016

ANZACs Figures WW1

ANZACs painted by Alex Akers. Click on all pix to enlarge the view

Rear view of the first picture.

Here are pictures of the ANZACs (12 pointed) and what I believe are Germans (4 painted). The Lot for Sale also includes some unpainted Anzacs (machine gun crew of 3 figures) and 10 more in various  charging, advancing and firing poses. I'm not sure, but I think that the figures are Woodbine Designs. The entire lot is $95 plus applicable postage and fees.  First come, first serve.

I think that I took some fairly good pictures of the figures, front and back, but I have to say that these are some of the best looking painted figures that I have seen and that my photography does them no justice. I think that this lot is a real bargain.

Anzacs advancing (click picture to enlarge)

Rear view of the previous picture.

Another grouping advancing. I really like the blue shirts and the contrast that they have with the khaki. I wish that I could paint khaki like this.

Rear view of the previous picture.

I am pretty certain that these are Germans from WW2

Rear view of the Germans

As before, if you are interested in any of the figures painted by Alex, then send me an e-mail at

If I were a collector of the period, I would keep these for myself.

The Perry Napoleonics are still available. I aplogize for the poor pictures of the Perrys. I tried to clean up and lighten the pictures that were sent to me, but as with the Anzacs, the pictures do them no justice as they are very nicely painted and based.

Finally, I also have some 40mm British Napoleonic Peninsula figures. I'm not sure of the brand, but they are impressive looking figures - these are unpainted. Make me an offer, or I might paint them myself.

Next up, some pictures of two battalions of Minden Hungarian Musketeers that were recently added to my army. I will post pictures of the Hungarians by Saturday.


  1. Yeah, they sure are Germans. (They have an Reichsadler badge on the front of the "hat".) Remove the Reichsadler and give them a slightly different paint-job and they could pass as Finns.

  2. They're crackin' looking figures, someone will snap them up!