Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Fife & Drum Web Site - Work In Progress

I have started on the layout for the "official" Fife & Drum website that will feature the products from both the Minden SYW figure range and the F&D AWI figure range.

The home page will act as the gateway to our three product ranges: AWI, SYW and Artillery Equipment, with each range having its own tab and eventually, on-line shopping

Fife & Drum web site

The URL is:, but you can reach it directly by clicking on the link above.

The shopping cart feature is not plugged in, but that will be one of the next things that I work on.

Click on the picture gallery tab on the web site to see some of the pictures that I have uploaded.

I will continue to blog on the Der Alte Fritz Journal blog, but the website will be for figure orders, work in progress information, pictures, rules and much more.


  1. Best wishes for the new Website, Jim. Hope setting it up is not straining the recuperating wrist too much. Cheers, Rohan.

  2. Congratulations, sir! This is certainly a step forward indeed.

    I would presume that all three product lines would merge into a single "on-line store" (as opposed to separate ones).

    -- Jeff

  3. Yes, the on line store will cover everything from one location for one stop shopping. There will be more emphasis on the Fife &Drum name and brand as the umbrella entity that includes subcategories of SYW, AWI, equipment, and potentially another range such as ACW.

  4. I might eventually close down the F&D and Minden blogs, as they served as temporary web sites for their respective products and any news would be posted on the new web site.

    Of course, I will continue to keep the Der Alte Fritz blog going.

  5. Nice. Looks great and seems very functional. Pictures of the Minden range would be great if at all possible.

  6. Minden pictures can be found under the Picture Gallery tab as well is in the various drop down menu pages for each SYW combatant.