Sunday, February 15, 2015

Minden Austrian Pictures

Austrian Musketeer Regiment with GMB Designs Flags. (click picture to enlarge)
I have been taking a lot of new pictures of the Minden SYW figure range in order to add pictures to the new Fife & Drum website. I sort of stumbled onto the concept of flipping my iPad camera upside down so that the lens is on the ground level. This leads to a better looking picture in terms of assessing the height of the figures and I can easily crop out any of the foreground turf in order to focus on the figures.

Please visit the new Fife & Drum Miniatures web site at the link below:

Please note that the Fife & Drum website illustrates figures for both the Fife & Drum AWI range as well as the Minden SYW range. I have decided that the term "Fife & Drum Miniatures" will apply to the entire company as a form of product branding, but within that brand, one can find the separate AWI and SYW figure ranges.

Closer view of the Austrian Musketeers - Minden Miniatures

Croats skirmishing. This picture depicts all of the different Croat variants in the range.

A Mass of Croats Ready To Cause Some Trouble
I have grown to really like the Croat figures in the Minden range. Their animation really lends themselves to creating little dioramas on each stand, such as having the kneeling figures crouching down behind rocks and trees.

Converged Austrian (German) and Hungarian Grenadiers. The mounted officer  is the musketeer colonel with a grenadier head swap. I hope to add such a figure to the Minden range eventually, sculptor's time permitting.

Cuirassier Officer, Austrian Officer and a Hungarian Officer.



  1. Ah! Just what I needed to pick up my spirits on this dreary Sunday afternoon. . . Photos of your Minden units and mounted officers. I feel somewhat better now.

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  2. Look for Austrian cavalry tomorrow . :)


  3. Really great.
    Thanks for continuing the Minden range.