Friday, February 27, 2015

A New Blog For Hesse Seewald

I have set up a new blog in the Der Alte Fritz family of blogs that will be devoted entirely to the happenings and goings on in the Kingdom of Hesse Seewald. Eventually I will post pictures of the regiments in the Hesse Seewald Heere and post stories about the pending war with Saxony.

New Hesse Seewald Blog

Click on the link and if you have the time, add yourself as a "follower" so that I can tell if that gadget is working properly. A few comments would also help me see how that aspect is working out.

Originally I set up this blog to experiment with some design elements that I might use on this blog. The principal experiment was with adding wallpaper background to the blog.

Health Update
My wrist is healing up nicely and I'm pretty close to normal again. I can type without any pain or symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome so the surgery was very successful. The other evening I gave the paint brushes a work and finished a dozen of the Volontaires de Saxe lancers that had been sitting on the painting table since December. I hope to get the unit based and grassed over the weekend so that I can take a picture for the blog.


  1. Working well and follower button operational. Good luck with the new venture .

  2. Seems to work OK from here. Good to here that your improving.

  3. Things are looking even more up at Schloss Seewald then. Good to hear it.

    Best Regards,


  4. Good news all around, Jim. By the by, I finished painting my Saxe lancers - a joy to paint (even their fiddly parts). Will try to send you pix if I can figure out how. Tom