Saturday, February 7, 2015

Austrian & Russian Artillery Equipment Update

I have a couple of pieces of good news to report that is germane to the KIckstarter campaign for the Austrian and Russian artillery equipment:

First of all, Griffin Moulds shipped several boxes of castings to me on Thursday last, and they are scheduled to arrive in the US on Monday. I'm told that the new artillery models are included in this shipment. So hopefully we can see the four Russian cannon and some Austrian artillery wagons.

Our sculptor for all of the equipment, Robi Baker, also made some Russian wagons and finished working on the Brummer and a Conestoga Wagon for our Fife & Drum AWI figure range.

Secondly, I also heard from Richard Ansell on Thursday and he informs me that he is nearly finished with the 8 Russian artillery crewmen (4 loading, and 4 firing) and four personality figures: Zieten, Prinz Moritz, Marshall Fermor, and con Browne. I will post pictures as soon as I receive them from Richard 


  1. Jim,
    Great news. Look forward to seeing pictures and parting with more of my money. Take care, Tom

  2. What? More personality figures??!! Well, darn it! I guess I'll just have to have some when they become available. A guy can never have too many of these.

    Best Regards,


  3. I concur, you can never have too many Generals...Bill

  4. Hmmm! looking forward to these, especially the Personalities. Rohan.

  5. Wonderful news all around. The new personality figures will be most welcome, and the Russian artillerymen are hopefully the vanguard of complete new range!