Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Build a Continental Regt - Part IV

Today's regiment is one of the first units that I painted in my Continental Army several years ago. The 1st Maryland was in Sullivan's Division at Brandywine. I wanted this regiment to have a larger number of militia figures in it to reflect new recruits and to add more variety to the firing poses. In fact, twelve of the figures in the 25 figure regiment are American militia figures.

The following Fife & Drum Miniatures were used in this regiment:

1 x A1    Militia officer with sword in hand
1 x A20  Continental officer, marching
1 x A21  Continental standard bearer, marching
1 x A22  Continental drummer, marching
1 x A23  Continental NCO, marching

1 x A24  Continental standing firing
3 x A25  Continental standing at the ready
3 x A26  Continental with ramrod
2 x A27  Continental, cocking musket
1 x A3    Militia standing at the ready
5 x A4    Militia with tricorn, standing firing
1 x A5    Militia with brimmed hat, standing firing
4 x A6    Militia kneeling firing

25 total figures on 5 stands or 5 per stand.

1st Maryland Regiment - Fife & Drum Miniatures

1st Maryland Regiment - Fife & Drum Miniatures



  1. Devil... devil... devil... I'm weakening!

  2. Great stuff. Hopefully a standing uniformed continental officer, musician, standard bearer and nco can be worked into the release schedule at some point!


  3. Rob: that is my exact plan. There will be the same for the British eventually.

  4. Excellent news, I've been hoping for a British firing line.

    Is there any chance of a series of similar articles for the British? I'm finding this week that these articles are great for getting me inspired for painting again.

    1. Sure, I was thinking of starting with the converged light battalions and grenadier battalions.