Monday, February 16, 2015

Grenadiers de France Greens and Much More

Grenadiers de France

I received the latest pictures of Richard Ansell's work on the Minden SYW range today including the Grenadiers de France, shown at the top of the page, three SYW Personality figures (Fermor, von Browne, and Prinz Moritz) and 8 different Russian artillery crew (4 loading poses and 4 firing poses). The Zieten personality figure is a work in progress and he should be ready for viewing within a week, I would imagine.

I run out of words and superlatives to describe each new batch of figures that we get from Richard. The facial expressions on the personality figures are wonderful and the Fermor figure is one of the most amazing mounted general figures that I have ever seen. The Russian artillery crew really look the business and they give me a great sense of anticipation for how the eventual Russian range will look.

Take a look at the figures (click on the pictures to enlarge the view) and enjoy!

Russian General Fermor

Prussian General Prinz Moritz
Austrian Marshal von Browne

Russian artillery crew firing.

Russian artillery crew loading.

I might as well show you pictures of the Russian artillery pieces that Robi Baker created. These pieces are now in production and will be available after the Kickstarter backers get their cannon models. Actually, I have pix of the actually castings to show. I will fix this later today.

Russian artillery casting (L-R) 12-pd Unicorn, Shuvalov Howitzer, 6-pd and 12 pd cannon. Two-wheel ammo cart in the background . There is also a 4-wheel model that will soon be added.


  1. Jim,
    Very nice looking figures. You're right - it is getting hard to find the superlatives to use when you see such a great succession of figures being produced. Even though I don't have a Russian army, I can certainly see a great use (need) for the personality figures, some artillerymen, and a few 2 and 4 wheel ammo wagons. Now you've also got me wondering how to factor in a French Grenadier regiment. Great job, as always. Take care, Tom

  2. Evening Jim,
    I think the Grenadiers are the best to date. Unfortunately I will have to have a regiment of these chaps asap.
    When will they be on general release?
    Brilliant, Robbie.

  3. What amazing sculpts! I see several possible birthday/Christmas gift "suggestions" here for the Grand Duchess and Young Master as next fall approaches.

    Best Regards,


  4. These are wonderful. I was going to do one battalion of Grenadiers de France, but I think that might have to be a Brigade (120 figs) now!

    And the Russian general!!!! Wow! He will paint up well.

  5. Hello and Salut again!

    Some weeks off and now such fine news and images.
    Absolutely, General Fermor is more than only a fine figure. Anyway also the other Generals and soldiers.

    But if i see the Russian Artillerymen i need to ask if other troops like Austrians, Prussians, French (and so on) get also different poses? Clear, if planned, then in some future^^.

    Best regards!

  6. Super looking guns Jim.

    Lovely work.


  7. Beautiful figures! Are there any plans for other poses (firing line) for line infantry & grenadiers?

  8. Simply....Oh Goody!! Rohan.

  9. I can´t help thinking... I would dive into this if there were pose varations... (I don´t mean different poses, "marching" poses could be enough, provided we had 4-6 different marching poses).