Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to Build a Continental Regt. - Part III

7th Pennsylvania Regiment - Fife & Drum Miniatures
Today's AWI featured regiment is the 7th Pennsylvania Regiment that was in the First Pennsylvania Brigade, commanded by Colonel Thomas Hartley. The brigade was one of two in Anthony Wayne's 4th Division at the battle of Brandywine Creek in 1777.

This is a 30-figure regiment consisting of the following figures from the Fife & Drum American Revolution (AWI) figure range:

1 x  A20 Continental Officer Marching
1 x  A21 Continental Standard Bearer Marching
2 x  A22 Continental Drummer Marching
2 x  A23 Continental NCO Marching

7 x  A28 Continental Marching: breeches/tumpline/gaitors
6 x  A29 Continental Marching: breeches and tumpline
6 x  A30 Continental Marching: trousers and blanket roll
5 x  A31 Continental Marching: breeches and knapsack

30 Total Figures

To order a similar regiment of Continentals, click on the link to the Fife & Drum website:

Fife & Drum web site

Looking at the list above, one can see that all four of the primary Continental soldiers in uniform coats in the marching pose are used extensively to form this regiment. You could also add several of the marching soldiers wearing hunting shits.

For this particular regiment, I decided to use a command stand including 2 drummers, 1 officer, 1 standard bearer, and two different marching poses.

7th Pennsylvania Regiment

Next Up: Continental Regiment (uniform coats) Firing Line


  1. Very, very nice figures. It's Lent and you're tempting me, you devil!

    1. Resistance is futile. :)

      We are going to add some regimental packs to the AWI range at an attractive discount for packs of 16 or 24 figures.


  2. Looking forward to the unit packs!