Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Brummers Are Coming, the Brummers Are Coming!

Kickstarter Update:

Pledges made:        $6,002
Next Stretch Goal:  $7,000 (unlocks the Russian artillery equipment)
Amount needed:      $998

This morning, one person pledged  a very generous $500 to push us past the $6,000 stretch goal that will unlock the Prussian 12-pound Brummer. Thank you very much to this gentleman and to all of the backers who are making the launch of SYW artillery in the Minden range possible.

The fine picture of the Brummer was taken by Christian Rogge at the Musee des Armes in Paris. Christian reports that the cannon show is actually a version of the Brummer that was produced after the SYW, but the SYW version is very similar .

Now we get down to the real nitty gritty of this campaign -- the Russian artillery! I am very excited about the prospect of adding the Russian cannon to the range. Although we are starting with four cannon, there are so many varieties of Russian ordnance that I am sure that we will add more than four cannon.

If you want to see Russians in the Minden range and you have been meaning to back the Kickstarter campaign, then please visit our KS site and get more of the details:

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  1. Glad to have been of help! I have an ulterior motive for it's success which I'll reveal to Der Alte Fritz via correspondence. Hope you all enjoy it!