Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cuirassiers du Roi - Painted Samples

Kickstarter Update:
Current Pledge Level = $5,207
Next Stretch Goal =      $6,000  (unlocks 12-pd Prussian Brummer )
Pledges Needed.       =   $793

This evening I painted the officer and trooper of the new Minden Cuirassiers du Roi as I was eager to see how they looked when painted. These may be some of Richard Ansell's best work yet ( I am admittedly biased). Both figures were a joy to paint and they painted fairly quickly. 

I am not a Francophile when it comes to the SYW, but these cavalry figures have me rethinking my stance on the French army. I have come to the conclusion that I need to start painting and building a French army if for no other reason that their cavalry look gorgeous and I've simply got to find a reason to get a unit of the Cuirassiers du Roi on the table top.

I will take some better pictures tomorrow. These were taken with my iPad and the Blogger Ap is Gawd Awful in what it will let you do with layout and editing and working with pictures .


  1. Ooooo so nice. Wish I had the cash and more importantly the space for a French SYW force.

  2. The figures look amazing painted in any case, and would certainly not look out of place in a quasi-Germanic imaginary 18th century army either. You see, of course, where I am going here.

    Best Regards,


  3. Or of course you could simply build Montcalm's army and then just add cavalry?

  4. Definitely agree with Stokes there is scope for a Guard cavalry Imagi-Nation unit there.