Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cuirassiers du Roi Are Here!

(L-R) trumpeter, std bearer, trooper, and officer

Two large and heavy boxes full of the new Minden French Cuirassiers du Roi, the Volontaires de Saxe, and Maurice de Saxe sitting in his wicker coach at Fontenoy  arrived today and I can start shipping orders out this week.

More later, but I wanted to post a couple pictures on my blog before turning in for the evening.


  1. Jim,
    Great looking figures, even at a distance unpainted. Can't wait to get some. Also, great foresight and initiative getting them from concept to market. I know there's a need for both units in my imagi-nations' armies. Well done! Tom

  2. Jim,

    Any idea yet on a price for Du Saxe and his wagon?


  3. Excellent news! Please invoice me via PaylPal, when you are able, for that de Saxe carriage, horse, and uhlan escort.

    Best Regards,


  4. It looks like the price will be $36 for a set consisting of the chariot, de Saxe, two limber horses, and one limber rider in Uhlan mufti. The chariot cost a bit more than I had originally planned as I have to pay a 20% VAT.

  5. Great figures, Jim. I emailed my order just now!

    By the way, do you, or anyone reading this blog, know if the Lancers or the de Saxe legion carried any flags or standards? If so, perhaps you could post details?

    Cheers, Rohan.

  6. That's a good question Rohan, one that I was thinking about too. If I can't find anything definitive, then I plan to do a red/green lance pennon.


    PS, got your order. Thanks!