Sunday, September 28, 2014

Maurice de Saxe Vignette Painted

Maurice de Saxe at Fontenoy Vignette (click to enlarge)

Kickstarter Update:

Pledges as of today:   $6,102
Next Stretch Goal:     $7,000  (unlocks the Russian artillery)
Amount Needed:        $898

Second Stretch Goal: $11,000 (unlocks the Russian artillery crew and free Lt. General Fermor figure)

Days Left In The Campaign:  14 days

How to back this project: click the link below:

Backers:  33 (thank you everyone! You are true heroes)

We are sooooo close to unlocking the Russian artillery equipment and I am sure that we can make the final push to $7,000 this week. After that, we will need the artillery crew to man the guns, but the goal here is $11,000 as it costs a lot of money to get 16 new individual figures sculpted, master moulds made, production moulds metal even before we start spinning the metal and making the product. So we need your help to get the Russian artillery crew into the production cycle. 

I have probably had more requests for Russians than I have for any ten other nationalities combined. Several of you have been quite vocal, but your names are not among our backers so far. Now is the time to help the campaign so that we can all see Russians added to the Minden range.

Maurice de Saxe Vignette

I spent quite a bit of time Saturday painting the Maurice de Saxe vignette that Minden Miniatures and Crann Tara Miniatures are offering soon (I'm waiting for the wagons from the caster, but I have Maurice and all of the figures that go with the wagon. Crann Tara has everything in stock).

Maurice reviewing the  troops
I stayed up until 3 AM Sunday morning getting the basing done, to this point, grass to come later today. Hooking up the metal traces was a bit tricky. I might use wire or black thread in lieu of the traces were I to assemble and paint another one of these models.

The Volontaires de Saxe uhlan driver looks very nice as well. I also painted the officer and have a few of the lancers on my painting table. These uhlans are the goods! Relly nice looking figures and easy to paint since they do not have a lot of equipment on them.

Inspiration for the Maurice de Saxe vignette was drawn from the following pictures:

Final Thoughts

You may have noticed that I have been picking up the pace of my blogging lately. It will continue as I want to hit the 100 posts goal for 2014. At 53 posts, I have a way to go, but I think that I can make it. So please stop by and visit more often because there will be a lot of new content going up several days each week. And do feel free to leave any comments. We like to read your comments.


  1. Beautiful brushwork on the Maurice vignette.

  2. It's great to hear about your increased blogging rate... it's always great to refresh your blog and see a new post (especially one with such great brushwork!)

    I'd love to see some posts about the proposed Russian artillery (I'm already a part of the kickstarter but I don't know too much about the Russian artillery system). Perhaps some pictures or thoughts as to what you'd like to see in the range would get people off the fence.

    Also, the costs of adding crew are obviously something you know about having run two great figure lines. Would it be possible though to break down the goal (firing crew at $8000, loading at $9500, observation at $1100 for example) to encourage people to participate, or would that not be economically feasable?

    Anyways, it was just a though... im enjoying following the kickstarter as it goes along!


  3. Yes! Lovely work on de Saxe etc there, Jim. Sometimes, late night painting like that is just the thing. The house is still and everyone leaves you alone.

    Best Regards,


  4. Beautiful work squire. Just stunning stuff.