Saturday, September 20, 2014

Duke of Cumberland Personality Figure

Crann Tara Miniatures has some pictures of the latest masterpieces from the workbench of Richard Ansell. The Duke of Cumberland , shown above, and General Hawley and Lord Albemarle ( looking backwards). Of course, Cumberland can also be used as the commander of the Hanoverian army at Hastenback in the SYW and as commander of the Allies at Fontenoy, Rocaux and Laufeld during the WAS.

The figures are part of a new batch of 16 figures that Richard has sculpted including some dismounted British dragoons as well as some French and British firing line poses that have some great animation. 

I will post an update when I hear more about a production date for the new figures.

Lord Albemarle:

General Hawley:


  1. Rats! Looks like I'll need to order one of each of these too. Resistance is futile. Wait! Didn't the Daleks used to say that?

    Best Regards,


  2. Are you the agent for Crann Tara in the US?

  3. They look very fine Jim.

    Just the thing for keeping those rebellious Scots...


    Never mind!