Friday, September 12, 2014

New Minden Austrian & Russian Kickstart Campaign Begins

Minden Austrian Artillery Crew figures are shown with Berlin Zinnfiguren cannon and limbers and RSM limber horses.  Minden will be adding its own cannon, limber horses and riders to the range.

Minden Miniatures has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for SYW AUSTRIAN and RUSSIAN artillery equipment. We seek to raise funding of $3,000 to get the five Austrian models shown below into production by December 2014. If we hit the stretch goal of $8,000 then that will help fund the start of the SYW Russian artillery range. (and yes, we plan on adding lots of Russians in 2015).

The Russian cannon will tentatively include a Shuvulov Secret Howitzer, the 6-pd and 12-pd field guns, and a 12-pound Unicorn howitzer, and maybe a few other unusual Russian equipment pieces.

The Austrian cannon will include the Liechtenstein System 3-pdr, 6-pdr, 7-pd howitzer, 12-pounder and limber. Visit the link to our Kickstarter page and learn more about the funding campaign. The campaign ends in 30 days on October 12, 2014.

Minden Kickstarter Link

As you can see in the pictures below, we already have most of the Austrian equipment sculpting and design completed, so this campaign will get models to you very quickly. We will be starting on the Russian equipment and a couple of other surprises very soon.

Austrian 12- pounder "green" ready to go to Griffin Moulds for master and production moulds.

Austrian 7-pound howitzer :

Austrian 3-pounder:

Austrian 6-pounder:

Austrian 12-pounder shown in the travel position attached to the limber:


  1. Awesome project..count me in..thanks all the hard work!!!!


  2. Thank you Pat! I love the Austrian models and look forward to,seeing them in metal. The Russian artillery should be pretty awesome too, what with all of the weird tubes that they had.


  3. Great news, Jim! I've just "taken the pledge!" ;-) Cheers, Rohan.

  4. Not my scale - but damn they are lovely.

    Best of luck with it Jim.

  5. Salut again,

    back from holidays and now such great news.
    I am sure i will be 'soon' owner of a complete Austrian Artillery set.^^

    Best regards!

  6. I'm in for a battery. These are beautiful models and this is a great deal!

  7. Wish I'd seen this, great subjects to pledge.