Friday, September 26, 2014

Maurice de Saxe, Your Table Is Ready

Kickstarter Update:

Amount Pledged:        $5,317
Stretch Goal:               $6,000. ( unlocks the Prussian Brummer )

Pledges Needed:           $683

Next Stretch Goal:      $7,000 Unlocks the Russian artillery models
Pledges Needed:        $1,683
Ever since I first read the story about the Battle of Leuthen and Frederick's use of the giant fortress guns from Glogau, called Brummers ( because of the loud noise that they made when fired), I have wanted to have such a model in my SYW Prussian army. Now with this Kickstarter stretch goal of $6,000 so tantalizingly close, my imagination may finally become a reality. As of this morning, we only need $683 of new pledges to hit this stretch goal. I feel like this is definitely an achievable goal, so with one final push over the weekend I think that we can make it. So if you are planning on backing this project, but you just haven't gotten around to doing so, then please click on the link below to visit our KS site and make your pledge. We have seven pledge levels of $100 or less so if you can only make a small contribution ( $25 is the smallest pledge amount), then we can accomodation your needs. Every pledge, no matter what size, is important.

Maurice de Saxe Vignette:

I finally got around to assembling my wicker coach model for the Maurice de Saxe vignette last night and I must say that the prospect of assembling the model was more difficult than the actual assembly process. Sometimes you just have to just pitch in and start working on it. The only difficult part was figuring out how or attach the rear bracket to the rear axle of the model. However, a look at one of the pictures provided by Niels Rullkotter, the designer, soon made things clear (see the third picture below):

I plan to prime the model Friday evening and start painting on Saturday in anticipation of completing the project over the weekend.


  1. A really nice model! I look forward to seeing the completed piece.

  2. What size base are you using?


  3. I think the base is 60mm by 120mm, enough for the coach and horse team.

  4. What a stunning model!

    Best Regards,


  5. It is an excellent model. These pics will also be very useful when putting it together. Many thanks, Jim.