Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Minden Fritz Painted

Minden Fritz on his Mollwitz Grey (center) with the Duke of Brunswick (blue sash) and his ADC standing on the windmill platform to get a better look of the goings on. RSM officers flank Fritz on the left (Schwerin) and the right (Winterfeldt). Windmill and terrain pieces by Herb Gundt. Please click to enlarge.

I am rather surprised that I did not drop everything and paint all of the new Minden SYW Austrian and Prussian personalities and staff immediately. However, sometimes life throws other obstacles in the way and so I did not tuck into these little gems until a couple of days ago.

So here are the first three figures in the Prussian set that I have painted. I have not had time to put them on bases and terrain said bases, but the pictures give you a fairly good idea of how they look and how well they match the RSM figures in size and proportion.

A close-up view of Ferdinand of Brunswick (left), Frederick II (center) and an Aide de Camp (right). Click pix to enlarge.

I would imagine that the Prince Ferdinand figure on foot would be a useful figure for those of you who need a king or herzog for you fictional 18th Century countries.


  1. As I say so often about the painting of your figures, "Lovely!" I hope Santa Claus might leave these Minden personalities in my stocking come Christmastime.

    Best Regards,


  2. The human figures are absolutely superb, no buts there, even from a picky idiot like me. But I am not entirely sure about the horses - Frederick's in particular is not quite the 'noble' steed I would expect and is maybe a tad too small.

    I'm not sure if its fair of me to make such a comment though. Compared with the fare most ranges offer the whole lot are truly great, so any criticism seems inappropriate, especially when we are viewing them in such minute detail rather than as they appear on the tabletop.

  3. Andy: you can also purchase what Frank calls the "Heroic Horse" that is slightly rearing back. There is a painted example of von Seydlitz on such a horse on TMP today in the 18th Century boards. It looks mighty nice.