Saturday, July 2, 2011

Campaign Attrition System

I draw your attention to Bill P.'s Major General Pettygree blog, which has posted the following campaign attrition system that we will be using to govern our campaign in Spain. It is simple to use and involves minimal record keeping:


New Easier Attrition System

My former system was laborious and complicated. This one will be easier! After a game throw 1D6 per unit that had losses.

1. You HOLD the field or the game is a draw recover:
1= 70%, 2= 75%, 3-4= 80%, 5= 85% and 6= 90%.

2. RETREATING FROM the field recover:
1= 60%, 2= 65%, 3-4= 70%, 5= 75% and 6= 80%.

Modifiers: (Minimum result = 1. Maximum result = 6)
Poor supply situation, July or August, poor quality soldiers -1. (only one can be used)
Arty., Engineers, Cavalry and Elites +1 (only can be used)
Captured prodigious amounts of supplies +1

KIA-MIA-In Hospital Box:
Miniatures that remain casualties are placed in this box and don't come back - usually. Some will eventually return as replacements,escapees or from hospital.

Reinforcements should be added before the next game.
Throw 2D6 for a big unit and 1D6 for a small one. The result is the number of replacements arriving from the homeland or back from hospital; (the KIA-MIA-In Hospital Box)

A system like the above needs to be generous so units don't become skeletal too soon and it needs to be easy on the record keeping side of things. This might do it.


Of course now I might have to give some thought about collecting figures to build up a medical staff and have an infirmiry at the regimental barracks.

I also direct your attention to the slide show presented by Joe Dever of the Coruna demonstration game by messers Ringrose and Browning. The details and the hundreds of little vignettes are probably the best that I have ever seen, and I'm not exagerating. This collection is as impressive as the famed Bill Gaskin Peninsular collection. Click the link to TMP and then click on Joe's links to his photoshop slideshows.

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