Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Tenting Tonight at the Old Campground


I like to populate my game table with little vignettes of soldiers and civilians. Aside from the fact that they are fun to create and look cool to the tenth degree, they focus the eye to look for various “Easter Eggs” hidden hither and yon. So if you see or play in one of my games at a convention, then have a good time Easter Egg hunting.

Today’s fox is the Union encampment (or is it just the word “camp”) that I have tucked away in one corner of my game table. I like to place my vignettes in the corners of the table so that they don’t interfere with the play of the game.

There are three vignettes made by William Britain’s models from their American Civil War figure range. The first consists of three rank and file soldiers sitting around the campfire making coffee and eating food. The second one has two officers sitting on chairs enjoying “happy hour” while one of them is petting his pet dog. A third vignette has a man dispatching an unfortunate spring chicken  to his ultimate fate in the stew pot.

Then there are other vignettes that are not “off the shelf”, but rather, created from existing figures and modified, converted and grouped to make our own vignettes.

Meade’s headquarters  vignette that just uses existing figures that are simply grouped together in a manner that makes for a good creative story.

A traveling photography takes pictures of a couple of Union officers.


  1. An 1860s-style drag show? THAT would be camp. And quite an easter egg to have somewhere on your table. Come to think of it, I seem to recall reading something about just such an event a day or two before the Gettysburg Campaign began buried deep in the pages of the old American Heritage tome on the ACW back when I was 7 or 8. When I asked about it, however, my father relied, "I'll explain it when you're older. Much older." Children were still considered children in those heady days of the mid-1970s.

    -- Stokes