Friday, September 8, 2023

Replicant 54mm ACW figures

Replicant 54mm ACW figures

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I found some of these beautiful figures at the Gettysburg Toy Soldier Store when I was in the area for Historicon this past July. The brand name is "Replicant" and they are 54mm plastic figures and they are made in Great Britain. They are on the expensive side at $4 to $6 per figure compared to around $1 per figure for some of the mass produced 54mm figure ranges. I really like the figures, but I can't justify painting 30-figure regiments using only the Replicant figures. That would be $120 in figure cost for plastic soldiers. You get six figures in a bag for $24, although eBay sometimes has them for slightly less, say about $3.

Replicant ACW figures from the UK

The nice thing though is that the Replicant figures fit in nicely with nearly any other brand of 54mm ACW toy soldiers, so I can buy a few of them and then mix them in with other figure brands to give the regiment a certain personality and difference from other units on the table.

The picture below illustrates how a variety of figure brands can be mixed into one regiment. I think that it is fitting and proper that we do so in our Civil War regiments. Click or double click on this picture to enlarge the view so that you can see all of the different figure styles in this one regiment.

A Confederate regiment that includes a mix of Replicant, Americana, Armies In Plastic, and  TSSD plastic figures.

A note about flags and figure basing: I haven't based any of the nearly 300 figures that I have painted so far in this project. The reason is that I still have not decided on the size of the base stands to use. My current thinking is to use a base with a frontage of 3-inches and a depth of 5-inches, although an extra 1/4 inch frontage on the base wouldn't do no harm. As for flags, I am thinking that the GMB Designs 28mm ACW flags will look ok with these 54mm figures. The GMB flags are large enough to look in scale with the 54mm figures based on the length of the flag staff. I don't see the point of having HUGE flags just because they are 54mm figures nor do I see the point of hiring an artist to paint oversized flags at a price that would make one's accountant or bank manager gag in alarm. I have placed a large flag order with GMB and look forward to their arrival so that I can start adding flags to my ACW regiments.

I can visualize how these armies will look once they are based and flagged and I think that when everything comes together you will agree that they will have a significantly large WOW factor. I am really excited about the progress that I have made on this project so far, but I am even more excited knowing what only I know about how it will look when everything from figures to terrain all comes together.



  1. Fritz, most of those look like "A Call to Arms" brand. I'm not sure if the company is still doing business, but their stock in trade was to produce their figure lines in both 1/72 and 1/32 scales. I checked Google real quick and Michigan Toy Soldier has some Iron Brigade figs in stock, maybe more. In any case, searching for ACTA figs in 1/32 may be worthwhile.

  2. Thank you for the information Bob. I will do a search for ACTA figures. Much appreciated.