Sunday, September 17, 2023

Berdan's Sharpshooters


Berdan's 1st US Sharpshooters form a skirmish line in front of the Union battle line.
These are 54mm Armies In Plastic figures.

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I had a little bit of spare time on my hands so I painted these 54mm First US Sharpshooters (Berdan's) yesterday. Yes, I painted all of the figures in one day!

These are Armies In Plastic 54mm figures. Because the uniform is entirely of green color, one large brush full of green acrylic paint gets you started, and then its just a matter of blacking in the belts and equipment, followed by some flesh tones, and then finishing off with the Old Gold and Aged Pewter metallic colors. Easy Peasy!

I have enough extra figures to increase the unit from 15 to 20 figures. Berdan's Sharpshooters were not involved in the third day of Gettysburg and Pickett's Charge. They did play a small roll in the second day as they went on a morning scout of Seminary Ridge. They found a lot of Confederate troops and so they high tailed it back to their own lines near the Peach Orchard.


  1. Its fascinating watching the progress on this. I think you will have yet another award winning game. Please save a place at the table for me 🤗

  2. Nice work. Accurate did some sharpshooters with telescopic sights. Cut off or cover the buckskin fringes and there are some specialists for you.