Saturday, July 16, 2022

Getting Ready For Historicon - 2 Days To Go


Der Alte Fritz getting his troops ready for the journey to Historicon.
General and his servant vignette by John Ray. Other figures from Foundry and Front Rank.

I will be headed off to Historicon on Monday as I commence the two day drive from the Chicago area to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There I will meet my nephew Alex and we will visit Gettysburg the day before the convention begins. Historicon starts this coming Thursday July 21st and runs through Sunday July 24th. If you happen to be there then look me up while I'm running my games on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

My Historicon Games

I will be running my "Bread and Croats" skirmish game set during the Seven Years War. The Austrians and their Croat light infantry will be conducting a raid on a Prussian field bakery, which is defended by all sorts of second rate battalions such as Freikorps, Garrison, Militia and Jagers.

My games are as follows:

F19:301 at 7PM Friday - "Bread and Croats"

S11:29  at 11AM Saturday - "Bread and Croats"

I will be using my SYW variant of the "Woodland Wars" skirmish rules by Tom Kelly. The game accommodates 5 players per side. If the game is listed as sold out, then stop by my table anyway because sometimes a player or two doesn't show up and so a space opens up.

Alex will be hosting two ACW games on Thursday at 5PM (T17:271) and Friday at Noon (F12:147) called "Dunkers' Church". He will be using a variant of my one-page Der Alte Fritz rules with charts and troop types adjusted for the ACW era. I will probably be there table side to observe and if requested, offer any rules interpretation that might come up during the game. 

Working on Game Terrain for Historicon

While the game will be the same as the ones that I ran at this year's SYW Association and Little Wars conventions, I have made a few modifications to the scenario which should make it much better. I have also added some new terrain bits to the game.

First and foremost, I decided to add some hills as corner pieces on the edges of the table. The hill terrain pieces are "L-Shaped" so that they fit in the table corners and add a nice finishing touch to the table. They also act as a sort of photo backdrop that screens out the background.

Here are some pictures of the corner hill models that I made for this game:

This picture illustrates how the corner pieces "frame out" the game table.

I’m having a power outage so I will go ahead and post this. More later.



  1. Lovely Eye Candy as always...have fun at the Convention and I look forward to an AAR in due course!

  2. Jim, love the marquee tent. Where does it come from? I have never seen one before.

    The John Ray vignette is outstanding and I am continually amazed at the wonders and scope of your collection. Incredible!

    BTW goid luck and gave fun at Historicon.

    1. The tent is made by Eureka in Australia. They had a whole set of Prussian camp tents, but I don’t know if they still have them.

  3. Have fun at the big Show and enjoy the drive too.

  4. Hey Jim, just had to comment on your building of the corner pieces. Very effective, very "natural" solution to one of the big issues in gaming tables, Wot About Dem Table Edges? Seems an article is required on the making of these...