Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Historicon Goodies


I was well behaved during my various visits to the dealer area at Historicon this year. There really weren’t too many things that I needed to buy, but I still managed to find some trinkets to take home. My favorite purchase was the collection of Fall trees and the grassy knoll from Battlefield Terrain Concepts. They were well prepared, having perfectly sized boxes for me to carry home.

I bought a copy of the Triumph ancients rules that were used at the Trojan War game at the show. I hope to glean some ideas for when I write my own Ancients rules.

I added some needed tools for my modeling efforts. I’ve been looking for an Exacto chisel point knife for quite some time and I finally found one that was in a larger set of Exacto knives. I also bought another pin vise drill and a new Foam Factory hot wire knife.

I had these decks of playing cards made for me at Shutterstock to use for my convention games.

Brigade Games AWI militia figures.

Flag Dude Flags and some Loot Markers

Brigade Games had their new AWI figures on display and I bought enough to make a new militia battalion. The figures look like they might fit in with my Fife and Drum figures.

Other miscellaneous purchases included a Bag Of Bases (you can pick as many bases as you can fit into a plastic sandwich bag. I filled mine with mostly 28mm round bases for my skirmish games. Also picked up a dozen Spanish Dubloons to use as Loot Markers in my skirmish games.

Finally, I purchased a set of 28mm Dervish flags from The Flag Dude. These are really nice and he can size them to your personal needs, so I will be putting in an order for some 54mm Dervish flags soon.

All in all, not a bad haul of goodies, but I don’t feel like I went overboard on the spending.


  1. Useful swag indeed!
    Alan Tradgardland

  2. At least your ill-fated visit to Historicon had a silver lining!

  3. You picked up some very nice purchases, I hope your wife is on the mend.

  4. Wife update: she came home last evening and will start doing physical therapy at an out patient facility. 😎

  5. Great news Alte Fritz! I hope she is feeling much better now, please give her our best wishes!