Friday, October 15, 2021

You Will Never See This Again


Looking back towards the entrance to the game room. Lots of stuff has been pushed up against the wall on the right.
You can see my painting table just behind the post.

You will likely never again see my game room so empty of tables. The table is set usually set up in the center of the room, between the two supporting poles in the room.

Yesterday I took down my game table, folded up the tables, removed all of the junk that I've hidden under that table, and Hoovered the carpet on the floor.

Why, you ask?

Because today the electrician is here replacing all of the filament lights with brand new LED lighting in the game room. The old lights oftentimes would not turn on unless I flicked the light switch multiple times. I'd had enough of this and decided that it was time to replace all of the overhead lights. I'm also having some new locations with lighting so that there is light directly on the game table. This should enable me to take pictures of the games on the table without having to use special photographic lamps.

The view from the entrance looking into the game room.
You can see the game tables stacked against the book shelves on the back right.

My Khartoum set up is out of the way of the main gaming table and overhead lights, so I didn't have to take down that table. I leave it up as a permanent display area in the game room. Yes, it's nice to have lots of space in my basement (cellar).

Once the lights are installed I will set up the tables running between the two posts and perpendicular to the Khartoum table. I will also cull through the flotsam and jetsam that I had stashed under the table with an eye for throwing things away (or selling them on my blog at deep discounts).

I use tables measuring 2-1/2 feet wide by 6 feet long and set them up with the long edges together. Thus two tables are 5 feet by 6 feet and four tables are 10 feet by 6 feet. I usually add a fifth table to give me a 12 foot long by 6 feet wide game table.

I'm looking forward to seeing the game room with good lighting.UPDATE: here is a picture of the new lights. I’ve marked the two addition lights placed over the area of the center of my table. I think I might need sunglasses now.


  1. Very tidy game room, Jim! Good lighting makes a HUGE difference to gaming enjoyment. When I began hosting remote games, I swapped out my recessed flood lights in the game room with daylight lights having about 50,0000 lumens in total. When I flick the switch, the game room is flooded with daylight. Beautiful!

  2. It's to be like playing in an operating theatre.

  3. Since photographing my home solo games, I've realized how bad the lighting is. A bespoke gaming room will be in the plan if I ever move to someplace with two bedrooms...

  4. Excellent plan Jim. I have recently bought a lamp with a daylight bulb thus enhancing my modelling. I look forward to seeing how your lights work for you.

  5. Looks fantastic Jim. A very envious space to fane in and contemplate the world at the same time.

  6. You will find the LED lighting kinder on your eyes and on figures in your photos, so a good choice all round.

  7. I am very jealous of the space, but also guess I am not the first to express such envy.

    The lights are a great addition and now give you a great excuse to take lotsa photos.