Wednesday, October 27, 2021

They Certainly Have A Lot Of Gaul


My previous post about my new Gaul unit didn’t include a picture of the full compliment of 32 figures, so here it is:

I also completed 16 more Roman Hastati to bring that unit up to 32 figures. Next in the queue are 32 new Hastati.


  1. This project is really cracking along now!

  2. They look great all in a bunch, nice work.

  3. Beautiful Jim. Somehow seeing the well painted large scale figures makes my day much brighter, well done.

  4. I just found out that now the Roman Hastati are out of stock and will not be produced and restocked anytime soon. Sigh. Grrr. I was hoping to use the Hastati figures as the core of my Roman army.

    I simply do not understand a business model where a company runs out of stock and then doesn’t produce anymore stock for several years.