Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Romans Are Worried


Scipio Africanus and his proteges observe the growing threat of Hannibal.
John Jenkins Designs 60mm Republican Romans.

The Romans have been watching the recruiting and training of Hannibal's army with great interest. The Senate has sent Scipio ( he hasn't acquired the name "Africanus" yet) to Hispania to observe the Carthaginian siege of Saguntum. The Senate prepares to declare war on Carthage and start the Second Punic War.

I finished painting 16 Roman Triarii a couple of days ago, adding to the 16 Hastatii that were the first Punic Wars figures in this project that I painted.

My first HaT Triarii figures. Alas, only 16 of them rather than 32 figures.

Painted samples of two Roman Triarii on the left and one Velite skirmisher on the right.
One of the Triarii figures is "converted with paint", using a Hastatii figure and painting chain mail over his red tunic.
Can you spot the ersatz Triarii figure?

I need to find a way to increase this new Triarii unit from 16 to 32 figures. I found another 8 figures from a trading forum, bringing the unit up to 24 figures. The remaining 8 figures that I require will likely have to be conversions using some of the HaT Hastatii figures. I have "converted with paint" one Hastatus figure by painting part of his tunic black and then spotting it with a metallic color to give it the appearance of chain mail. I think that when I mix in the conversions that they will not be noticeable. 

Another of my blog followers found two boxes of HaT Triarii and that is enough figures to make a second unit. Thank you my friend.

Raw Roman recruits (say that ten times in a row) line up as they await their new uniforms. These are all Hastatii.

HaT Roman Hastatii are lined up in formation. These are all Hastii figures, wearing only an iron breast plate for protection. Since each box of figures contains four different poses, I grouped the poses into four units, all having the same pose.

I leave you with several pictures of the John Jenkins Designs Republican Roman Triarii figures. These are actually 60mm figures.

Triarii shield wall.

The Tribune and his Cornecer stand in front of a maniple of Roman Triarii/

Scipio seems quite pleased with this maniple.
John Jenkins Designs.


  1. What a maniple ! Lovely JJ figures

  2. Wonderful figures Jim, you are tempting me to do this period.


  3. I assume these are 54mm scale. I have a couple of spare boxes somewhere. they are yours if you would like them. How can I contact you? Bob

  4. Yes these are 54mm figures. You can send me an email at

    altefritz1740 (at) yahoo (dot) (com)

  5. Mouthwateringly good!

    Best Regards,


  6. I prefer the figures by Zvezda. But I have an Roman army from HäT myself and I think that you have done a fine job painting them. I was very surprised to see you painting plastic figures.

    1. Zvezda doesn’t make 1/32 figures, unfortunately.

  7. I'm currently working on my 54mm Roman chariot racing game, I have 5 chariot teams completed and the 6th is almost finished. The race track is 42 inches x 96 inches.
    I also have a Playmobil Roman arena with about twenty 54mm gladiators and several animals.