Friday, October 1, 2021

Hannibal's Army Receives a Coat of Paint


HaT Carthaginians. These would be the veterans from Libya and North Africa,

I am making progress on my 54mm Carthaginian army, slow, slower and slowest. It was a bit of a setback when I decided to increase the size of infantry units from 16 figures to 30/32 figures. That is, units that I had thought were finished are now only half way there. Nevertheless, I plod on.

I have completed 17 figures of 32 figures of my first Carthaginian infantry unit, comprised of North Africans from modern day Libya and Tunisia. This week I have the remaining figures on my painting desk and they should be finished sometime next week. The shield designs were a bit of a pain to do, at first, but the more that I did, the easier it became to paint the shields. I wish that I could say the same for the Romans, but more of that in another blog post.

Another view of the Carthaginian infantry showing how many more figures
I need to paint to complete the unit.

A view of all of the individual shield designs that I had to paint.

A view of the prospective Carthaginian army.

The picture above depicts four blocks of infantry and these will comprise the core of my Carthaginian army. The two units on the left, as you view the picture, are Spanish Iberians. The two unpainted units on the right will be North African Carthaginians. There is a fifth unit of Celts that are not shown in the above picture and they will likely replace one of the Carthaginian infantry units. 

View of the Carthaginian units after some of the painted figures have rejoined their units.

Thus the partial unit of Carthaginians, featured in today's post (and seen in the upper left in front of the building with the red tile roof), will be drafted into the third from the left unit. The extra figures will be removed and put back in the box. I like to set up the painted and unpainted figures in their designated ranks because this allows me to see the progress of the project, in terms of what I need to paint.

Balearic slingers cover the battle line and the elephants. 
These are HaT metal figures and are 60mm.

There has to be a picture of elephants if we are talking about Hannibal.
Two HaT elephants are shown with supporting skirmishers.
Two painted 40mm elephants can be seen in the background.
I acquired these at the recent Chicago Toy Soldier Show.

I finished 16 Roman Triarii yesterday, but the pictures will be shown in their own blog post within the next couple of days.


  1. Lovely Punic troops for sure. I loved the small elephants by HäT partly because they fit well on smaller bases. Cheers!