Sunday, October 31, 2021

Black November 20% Discount Sale

 Fife and Drum Miniatures / Minden Miniatures will be starting its annual Black Friday sale early, starting November 1, 2021 through November 28, 2021. Usually we have a one week BF sale, but wanting to build in enough lead time to plan your purchases and get them posted to you before Christmas, the Fife and Drum Miniatures staff recommended to me that we should open the sale for the month.

Here’s what you do: go to the Fife and Drum Miniatures web site Fife and Drum Web Store , place your order, and when you check out with your shopping cart you will enter the coupon code Rossbach57 and the 20% discount will automatically be applied to your order.

This discount applies to all product codes except for the regimental and battalion packs, which are already sold at a discount, so as to not apply a discount on top of an already discounted item.

Our stock shelves are brimming and overflowing with inventory so we are ready to fill all orders and ship them out ASAP. On the off chance that your shopping cart indicates that your item is out of stock, then send me a message at because in all likelihood the item is in stock.

Happy Shopping 

Der Alte Fritz

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  1. Oh, Jim! You are a very clever, very evil man. This is quite a temptation since I have not purchased anything for quite some time. How did you know that my drawer of lead 'needs' an infusion?

    Kind Regards,