Monday, December 31, 2018

A List of the Figures that I Painted in 2018

Vignette of Frederick the Great grabbing the flag of the von Bulow regiment at Zorndorf

Here is a list of all of the wargame units that I painted in 2018, all of which are Seven Years War figures. Click on the links to go to the blog post that covers each unit that I painted.

Los Rios (Austrian) 2 x 32 figure battalions   November 15, 2018
Lacy (Austrian) 2 x 32 figure battalions    October 12, 2018

The Austrian Musketeer regiment Lacy, showing a new basing style that I am contemplating.

Russian 4th Grenadiers 1 x 32  September 29, 2018
Perm Musketeers (Russian) 1 x 32   September 23, 2018

2nd South Carolina Regiment (AWI)   July 25, 2018

2nd South Carolina Regiment (AWI)

IR2 von Kanitz Musketeer Regt. (Prussian) 2 x 32 figure battalions   July 18, 2018
Manstein Grenadier Battalion (Prussian) 1 x 32 figure battalion  June 30, 2018

Manstein Grenadier Battalion

Von Kanitz Musketeers

Observation Corps Grenadiers (Russian)   May 21, 2018

Observation Corps Grenadiers

IR46 von Bulow Fusilier Regt. (Prussian) 2 x 32 figure battalions May 12, 2018  and June 8, 2018 
IR35 Prinz Heinrich Fusiliers (Prussian) 2 x 32 figure battalions    May 4, 2018
Jung Sydow Garrison Battalion (Prussian) 1 x 32 figure battalion   April 30, 2018

Von Bulow Fusiliers

Observation Corps 5th Musketeers (Russian) 1 x 32 figure battalion  January 30, 2018
Permski Regiment (Russian) 1 x 32 figure battalion January 14, 2018 
Narva Regiment (Russian) 1 x 32 figure battalion  January 6, 2018

Russian Observation Corps Musketeers

I also painted 4 Russian artillery pieces, each with 4 crew plus limber teams of 4 horses, 1 rider and 1 limber. Here

Russian artillery battery with limber teams

If my math is correct, the total number of figures painted in 2018 was 652 figures. There are probably more than that if I include some vignettes that I made and some samples that I painted for the Fife & Drum on-line webstore and catalog.

Now in some of these instances, I posted the date when I flagged and based both battalions of a Prussian or Austrian battalion. So for example, the IR2 von Kanitz Musketeer Regiment indicates 2 x 32 battalions = 64 figures. I did not paint all 64 figures at one time, but rather, over the course of several weeks. My painting pace is approximately one unit of 32 figures per week, although I do not paint every week. I wish!


  1. An impressive output this year and to a consistently high quality:)

  2. Prodigious Jim!
    And gorgeous too.
    Bill P.

  3. Impressive and inspiring. Happy New Year!

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  4. Beautiful work, Jim. Always love seeing your stuff.

  5. Congratulations Jim, quite an effort for the year.

  6. Thank you everyone for the kind comments as they are much appreciated. I'm still baffled by the recent lack of comments on this blog compared to other blogs that I follow. For example, one blog might post that he took his dog out for a walk today and gets 30 comments. I take two hours creating a post that is picture heavy and I get one to three comments. It's a head scratcher to be sure.

  7. An amazing effort, Jim, and it has been a pleasure to follow this journey with you. Your effort is greatly appreciated. I will bite my tongue as to the difference between your followers and the dog-blogger to avoid disparaging the latter!! :-D Cheers, Rohan.

  8. Great work. Very inspiring.