Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Von Kanitz Regiment Completed

The second battalion of IR2 von Kanitz
(one stand of 8 figures has been removed from the picture in order to get a close up view of the battalion).


Today the second battalion of IR2 von Kanitz musketeer regiment went into service in my Pomeranian Corps of Prussian troops.

The flags were painted by hand using the Kronoskaf flag for the regiment as a template.

Flags for the second battalion of IR2

Here is a picture of the completed regiment von Kanitz with both battalions:

IR2 von Kanitz musketeer regiment. Prussian regiments had two battalions.

I use 32-figure battalions in my new organization for the Pomeranian Corps and I paint both battalions of a regiment. This gives me a complete regiment of 64 figures. Just for grins, I borrowed an extra 8-figure stand from the first battalion and placed it in the second battalion in order to see what a 40-figure battalion might look like. The reason for this would be to give the unit an better appearance of "balance" with a flag stand in the center and two stands on each side of it.

Here is what a 40-figure battalion looks like:

This is what the battalion would look like with 40 figures.
Here is a picture of my standard 32-figure battalion on four stands. It is sort of out of balance since the command stand is a little off center. However, my current solution is to attach a battalion gun stand to the left side of the battalion to give it that 5 stand balance.

My standard 32-figure battalion organization
Which battalion organization looks better to you? Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I would like to hear your opinions.


  1. Lovely looking regiment even though they are Prussians. There's no accounting for taste Jim but well done in the great brushwork. As for unit size, I still adhere to a six company 36 figure regiment but I do like your 32 figure unit.

  2. They look fantastic. Like Robbie I field 36 figure battalions and I've too many to ever consider reorganizing.

    1. Admittedly 40 figures is a snout load to paint.

  3. Yes!!! Oh, go on Jim. Paint another eight for each battalion. The visual effect alone is worth it, and you manage to crank out painted figures at an impressive rate anyway.

    Best Regards,


  4. I too have 32 figure battalions mounted on an even number of stands. What I've done is to split the command figures between two stands. Under my organization by adding battalions together I can build a regiment or a large battalion. I've set my system so I can go from mini to maxi battalions.

  5. They look great, Jim, in either configuration. I do tend to favour the larger unit - gives a slightly more linear effect, and the 5 stands means 1 stand is basically 1 company. The battalion gun can then go anywhere. I don't think it really matters if the flags are slightly off centre. However, whatever you feel most comfortable with is the correct answer. :-) As you know, I collect Charles Grant sized units 48+5. Cheers, Rohan.

  6. For symmetry, I prefer the 40 figure battalion with command centered especially if I am not painting 40 figures at a time.

  7. Another great looking unit. I must admit I like to have the command stand in the centre as it just looks right and balances the unit.

  8. I prefer the 32 actually. I like the symmetry of 4 stands, and to me the slightly off centre flags are pleasing, yet still nicely balanced as the point ends up being over the middle of the unit.

  9. Wonderful looking regiment Jim. Very much enjoying these new units and your basing.

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    At each end, a smaller base with four figures including officer & drummer