Tuesday, July 31, 2018

New Russian Greens - Musketeers and Grenadiers

Russian officer on horse

I received pictures of the Russian musketeers and grenadiers, both in waistcoats and in uniform coats, that Richard Ansell has just completed. The greens are at Griffin Moulds now so the process of turning the greens into production castings is well underway.

These are "line" musketeers and grenadiers, which is to say that they are not Observation Corps figures. So all figures are in gaitors. We offer the choice of Russians wearing the Summer kit of a sleeved waistcoat as well as the traditional green uniform coat.

1) Russian Musketeers in uniform coats:

Russian Musketeers in Uniform Coats

2) Russian Grenadiers in uniform coats 

Russian Grenadiers in uniform coats

3) Russian musketeers and grenadiers in red waistcoats:

Russian Musketeers and Grenadiers in waistcoats - Summer kit
NOTE: it is likely that the Russian officers, ensigns and drummers wore their uniform green coats at all time, so we did not make officers, ensigns and drummers in waistcoats (except for having a musketeer drummer in waistcoat).

4) Russian mounted Colonel:

So this means that once these new figures are cast that Minden Miniatures will provide a rather extensive range of Russian infantry figures, both in Summer kit and in regular uniform kit, that covers the line musketeers and grenadiers and the Observation Corps musketeers and grenadiers. In addition, we have Russian artillery crews both in loading and firing poses.

Russian cavalry remains on the to do list, however, the next batch of figures that Richard is working on include French heavy cavalry in bearskin hats, French foot grenadiers in bearskins, Austrian horse grenadiers in bearskins (do you catch the "bearskin" theme here?).

Finally, French personality figures will arrive with Marshal de Broglie and Lt. General Chevert.


  1. Well, you and Richard have gone and done it now! I've been waiting for Russian musketeers in coat with gaiters and see an early birthday gift to myself on the horizon. The French heavy cavalry in bearskins are a future must-have as well.

    Best Regards,


  2. I very much like the Bearskin theme, Jim. My "Hip-pocket sciatica" is already troubling me!! :-D

    As an aside, any chance of the Minden Austrian infantry being augmented with chaps with single rather than double buttons? This would allow for not only Austrian units with this pattern, but also the many ReichsArmee, Dutch & other units that had a similar "Austrian" pattern uniform, including bearskin grenadier caps.

    Cheers, Rohan.

    1. Hmmm, sorry to say, but they are not high on my To Do List at the moment. There are so many other basic figures that I need to add to the Minden range first.

  3. Great stuff Jim! Glad to see Richard is back in action. I have a feeling my Russian Army will be growing soon!

    1. Don't forget that the Observation Corps figures are available now.

  4. Great figures Jim. More temptation!

  5. Oh, I haven't Jim. Picked up some Observation troops from you at the SYW convention. Got to get them on the painting table.

    1. Check out the earlier blog entry that shows pictures of the OC Grenadiers.